KCS - Sales and CRM

KCS specialise in providing the automotive sector with experienced and knowledgeable Sales & CRM specialists

Working closely with you, we are able to optimise and improve your automotive IT systems and processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, standardise processes, improve workflow, provide an enhanced customer experience and gain competitive advantage.

The Sales and CRM modules you operate in your dealership(s) are obviously business critical and should be simple to operate and guarantee your prospects and customers enjoy consistent, effective and meaningful communications, delivered in the way they prefer, at the time they are required.

However, we know from experience that this is can be difficult to perfect unless all your systems are harmonised and fully aligned with your business processes.

KCS specialise in enhancing retailers Sales and CRM systems and processes by selectively carrying out the following activities:

  • Comprehensive review of sales and marketing processes
  • Sales/CRM system parameter optimisation and standardisation
  • Alignment of retailer and OEM systems
  • Alignment of on-line consumer channels to in-showroom systems
  • Solution alignment and integration
  • Best practice introduction
  • Audit of user controls and access levels
  • Facilitation of the selection of third-party solutions (only where necessary)
  • Third-party system implementation management and support (only where necessary)
  • Database quality evaluation and cleansing

Whatever your requirements are, our aim in every case is to help you achieve ‘operational excellence in automotive retailing.’

Should any of the above services be of interest to you, we can be contacted by clicking on the following link enquiries@kcslimited.co.uk or you can call us directly on 01635 905985.