Founded in 2006 by Ritchie Kelk, KCS offer a truly bespoke service to the automotive sector that supports and nurtures all aspects of Retailer Systems

This includes all leading dealer management systems and third party solutions to enable OEM’s, dealer groups and individual operators to get the very best from all modules and processes of their chosen system(s). KCS specialise in delivering operational excellence in the automotive retailing sector and this is achieved by ensuring our clients IT and business strategy functions are completely synchronised towards common business oriented goals.

Success depends on our ability to consistently satisfy our client’s needs through knowledge and innovation and through the provision of quality resources and services.

With many years’ experience in automotive systems and processes, KCS was founded on 4 simple ethics:

  • Understand your clients’ needs
  • Support your clients’ at all times
  • Always provide a value add culture
  • Deliver on your promises

KCS has grown to include a valuable network of first-class consultants who work as an intrinsic team to provide expert automotive systems advice, technical implementation, 3rd party system integration and support to OEM’s, franchised dealer networks and other independent motor dealer operators.

KCS Key Business Milestones

KCS Business Milestones

The team at KCS are committed to providing only the highest level of service and support to our clients’ and we have many testimonials that back up our desire to always deliver against our promises.

Why not put us to the test and contact us so we can provide details of how we could manage and support one of your upcoming projects. You can do this by clicking on the following link or by calling our main business number, 01635 905985 or by selectively contacting any of the team below.